We all have faced a problem of eating a lot of junk food at one point or another point of time in our lives. Eventually you were gaining a lot of weight at unexpected places which looks ugly and creates health problems. In that phase, we just want to sit or sleep for long hours doing no productive work at all.

But what if you create a healthy habit that works for yourself. Now if i tell you that what worked for someone else will also work for you, is totally baseless. I see that each unique individual have different cravings and have different reactions towards certain types of food. Now I’m not saying that you just wakeup one day and start eating boiled foods because one cannot make such big habit changes overnight. Even if you try your habit will break in 5-10 days only.

Make changes slowly-slowly and create big changes in your life.

Your habits will determine your future.

Jack canfield

Now the question arises how to make healthy habits effortlessly that remain effective for longer period in your life.

To make a successful habit that remains with you for longer period will take a lot of strong will, determination and desire to change.

Now i tell you how to make a healthy eating habit. Let say you eat 3 proper meal in a day.So you first pick your lightest meal out of three and try to include 10% salads & fruits in your whole meal for straight first 10 days, then add another 10% salads & fruits in your whole meal for another 10 days. By following this slowly slowly, you just make your one meal 30% of fruits & salads  and just keep it like this in one month. Now try to follow this routine that 30% of fruits & salads in your one meal only for another 1 month. If your minds starts to retaliate, you can lower the changes rather to leave the habit. Always remain flexible when making habits for longer period.

One more thing is that it is not necessary that you have to eat boiled foods or some dietary foods or supplements. You can eat normal dal chawal, roti-sabzi which is our households normal daily eating foods. There is absolutely no harm in eating it. But you have to refrain eating greasy foods whether they are made at home or from outside. Once you start to see the changes, you will never crave for unhealthy eating.

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