According to Harvard Study, Running not only helps in reducing stress but also in lowering your cholestrol, reducing blood sugar and lowering your blood pressure etc. Running reduce stress directly and also prevents you from various illnesses and have great benefits for your mind as well.

People who wants to look young for forever must do some running in their schedule on daily basis. As running also helps in lowering your aging process and prolongs life.

Everything is hard in beginning including running.

There is no failure in running or in life, as long as you keep moving.

Amby burfoot

There are so many case studies that shows that running helped in lowering their body fat and heavy weight losses. Many people have show incredible results in weight loss by just running on their treadmill.


You have to make a habit of running daily to get incredible results for you. It doesnt mean that you have take out a lot of time to do some running or go for a marathon. If you cannot run, simply jog, if you cannot jog, simply walk but you have to take that first step to bring these benefits in your life. You can simply start with 10 min walk or jog anywhere indoor or outdoor. When you get comfortable and make a little habit, you can start with 3-4 mins running for the starting days. Gradually you will develop the habit to run for longer periods without fail.

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