How many of you heard this thing about studying that it matters that you should study with full concentration whether you study for only 5 mins. As your study and learning will only matter when you are fully present when you were studying. Similarly, your sleep should be of some quality whether its a nap of only 30mins.

Quality over quantity matters in various aspects of our lives as it matters in our sleep.

Sleep is the golden chain that binds our Health and our bodies together.

Thomas Dekker

Dont you feel cranky even after 7-9 hours of good sleep?, Why does it happen that sometimes that even a nap of 30 mins takes away your stress? So its nothing but the deepness of the sleep, quality of the sleep or how much carefree you went to the sleep just like a baby.

Didnt you sleep carefree, stressfree in your childhood but over the years your sleep quality decreased. But eventually you begin to wakeup cranky  and stressed even after good hours of sleep which affected your relationships in your household and also in your office. Its is so important that you must have a really good sleep especially night hours sleep. I remember how i used to sleep 3-4 hours because of the exam preparations in my school days or when i have workload of office. But this never helped me in my exams or in my office as on the next day i was not at my best with very low energy and not able to perform the way i should have.  And not only that it affected my health especially my digestion as i was sitting for long hours in same pose. For some it became sleep disorders like insomnia which takes quite a long time to overcome

Therefore,  after this experience i would simply suggests that no matter what you have to do manage your time well and then deal with whatever you have to in your life.

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