If you are pursuing any goal in your life, it all comes down to make your days productive consistently and for that you have to make your days productive. Now to make your days pro-active, you have to have active wonderful mornings.

Aren’t we all heard the saying “early to bed early to rise makes a man wealthy and wise”. Well actually if you wake up early you will get more time to do things and most important thing you will get time to plan your day. In the morning time, there is no noise at all from anything as everybody is sleeping. So you can do so much with full concentration which you cant do in normal business hours.

If only you can make your morning beautiful, your life will become too beautiful.

I get up in every morning and tell myself that its going to be a wonderful day. You never know when its going to be over, so you refuse to have a bad day.


Is getting up early is enough to make your morning active and wonderful?, Well! no.

So from my personal experience, as soon as you get up you drink a fresh glass of water and feel gratitude that you are there to live another day. Then you after nature call you must do some simple yoga like pranayam with simple regulating of breathing inhalation/exhalation. Pranayam helps you in uncountable things but a very common benefit it helps keeping nasal passage clear for forever which anyone will be able to see in 1-2 month time. Then you can do some simple stretching exercises, some yoga postures for just 10-15 minutes. After that, you can also include simple meditation of observing your breath and beyond. Uptill this is necessary to keep your body healthy and fit. To make muscle size bigger or body built up, you can add some relevant 10-15 min routines in overall routine. Therefore, you will have a complete routine of around 1 hour which will make your body health at optimum inside and outside.

meditation morning

Overall, what actually happens that breathing yoga keeps your body from inside, postures yoga keeps your body inside and outside. Fitness exercises makes your body fit inside and outside and meditation keeps your mental health and beyond.

Therefore, a morning can become a wonderful morning by including these routines in your daily life mornings.


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