You know food is a big part of your life. You have to eat 3-4 times food in a particular normal day. So it matters what type of foods you consume on a daily basis. If you keep consuming junk foods on daily basis, your body health will deteriorate gradually. I have seen that upto a certain age especially uptill teenage years body works like charm its able to consume digest anything whether its healthy foods or junk foods. But after a certain age your body gives clear signals that it cannot digest processed or junk foods.

As the types of foods are important, so as the quantity of foods you eat is also important. We all have experienced our eating quantity patterns depends upon our favorite foods. Some like vegetables while some like curries which makes our choices unique to ourselves and hence we all look unique to each other. I have heard about intermittent fasting in which you eat little-little quantity foods over a period of time rather to eat at one-meal. At first, it didnt make sense to me but it does that you should eat that much that it does not make your stomach expand in one meal as when it gets expand to an extent it remains there only. We all have seen fat people stretch marks when they try to loose their belly fat so its same that body expands when you eat too much at one go.

Therefore, I would suggest eat 70-80% of your one meal apetite at one-go.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

James beard

After that its very important that your one part of food should be raw and fresh like salads of veggies or fruits, dryfruits etc. Raw foods or Live foods are easy to digest and easily passes out of your system in less time in comparison to Cooked, Processed, Oily or Junk foods etc.


Apart from that we have all heard that we should chew our food 32 times before gulping it down to our throat. At first it looks so bizzare but it actually helps if you bring it into practice. What happens in it that your foods becomes almost like in liquid form and then you send it into your digestion so it becomes easy to digest like liquid foods.

At the conclusion, I would simply say eat slowly, eat fresh, eat right quantity.

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