What is sunbath?, Never heard of it. Well its nothing just sitting or lying in the sun for sometime. Our sunny sun plays a significant role in life process of living beings in our environment.

In our hectic life, we have completely forgot to include sunbath in our modern lifestyle. Rather we refrain to come under the sun that it might affect your skin. Well to that, you have to understand that longer period affects your skin not shorter time rather it gives you unimaginable benefits by just walking under it or just simply sit under it.

If our hottie sun wouldn’t be glowing, we would be here breathing.

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.

Hellen keller

People who are afraid that it might affect their skin tone, they can simply apply some sunscreen and then go for sunbath to avail the benefits.


We all have heard that sun light gives us Vitamin D which is helpful to our body. As vitamin D is not easily availed from other sources. Sunbath also helps in better sleep, stronger bones and better immune system.

Therefore, I would suggest you to take walk purposely next time in sunny sun openly without the thought of getting tanned.

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