We all have heard this word yoga and seen yoga of Baba Ramdev on tv or somewhere else. So, we have this picture that yoga is doing certain postures physically and you are doing yoga. But what if i tell you that even meditation is also yoga and if i tell in more clear way meditation is a fruit that flourish from a yogic body.

In yoga, pranayam is one of the simple and basic activity which helps a lot in making person healthy in so many ways. pranayam consists of regulation of inhalation/exhalation of breathing exercises and forcefully throw of breathing air through your stomach. You can do it anywhere by just simply sitting at some place.

It’s engaging. It’s helpful. It pushes you do great things.

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.

Thich Nhat hahn

Are you still in a doubt that what actually differentiates yoga with meditation? For this you have to look it at two sides of a coin that they are actually same thing. Its just that modern world brought this word meditation to satisfy themselves that they have discovered something new which they have not.


If i tell you to do a certain repetitive work for constant 7-8 hours with no itch in your body and mind, in that condition i would simply say that you are simply in meditative state. You reach at such stages after a lot of practice. There is no shortcut to become super-human.

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