There is no-one who can actually guide you on what to eat neither your doctor nor your culture. But i would say there is only one person which can tell you to eat what is right for your body and i.e you yourself, your body will tell you what to eat what it consumes easily and what not.

Just think didnt you felt more energetic more cheerful after eating certain types of food while you felt the opposite after eating certain types of food. Just imagine the day when you had to study for long hours for your exam and you ate “aloo ke paranthe” in your breakfast, were you able to study at your optimum?. So its simply you just have to observe your feelings after eating something how you felt. Your body will tell you everything in subtler ways once you starts to notice or observe.

A simple observation from my personal experience – I never felt lighter after eating non-vegetarian foods.

When we eat vegetarian foods, we need not worry what kind of disease our food died from; this makes a joyful meal


Before you click away, just observe the sweats and heaviness you feel while eating any non-vegetarian food, do you think it should happen while you eat something good to your body. vegetarian_foods

And I’m not saying that you will never get the same heaviness or the sweats while eating any vegetarian food, but next time you observe that you are having the same experience while eating any vegetarian food. Thats the vegetable you dont have to eat because its not going well with your system.A report from World Cancer Research fund tells that eating leafy green vegetables diet prevents you from various types of cancer like mouth, throat, stomach etc. Some other studies also states that vegetarian diet also saves you from Diabetes, cardio diseases and helps in maintaining blood pressure.

In the conclusion, I would say make your decision as personal as you can, just eat and observe and accept.

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